How precious are Your thoughts to me, O LORD ... how vast is the sum of them!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Ordinarily, newspaper writing is not my style of writing. Bare facts, plain words, current events … to me those requirements look like a list of how to make writing not fun.

But newspapers can be a relatively easy way to get your name in print, I have discovered. See? I am now published:

My writer’s course assigned me to write an article for my local newspaper. I was pretty nervous about it -- it wasn’t easy to find a story and then, since I’m shy, interviewing and researching took me out of my comfort zone. The article wasn’t perfect, but the newspaper editor was very receptive, happy to publish it, and was interested in other things I might do!

Basically, my article was about a fundraiser held by a church that my family visits. Here’s the first line: “While garage-salers are out and about on Saturday, April 6, Hope Ministries is going to be on the lot next to their church … cooking food for their youth group to sell.”

I thank God that He’s brought all this together, because I’d never have done it on my own, either without the writer’s course assigning me or with my own teaspoonful of courage.

For other “news,” I’m formatting Six Cousins for CreateSpace! It’s so cool to see it in book-sized pages. I’m also giving it a thorough edit -- sometimes I feel rather ruthless, but I really need to lessen the page count. :-)


  1. Congratulations!! :D (rings happy bells . . .unless you prefer fireworks or sparkles or lasers? Do you prefer those?):)

    Sounds like your writing course is a great tool! You may have told me, but it has slipped my mind--who is teaching it and what company or community is offering it?

    1. :D Thank you so much! Happy bells are enough. :)

      The writing course is called the Apprentice program and it's offered by Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild. The website -- -- tells all about it. There are other courses, including one for fiction.
      I'm learning about how to take my writing beyond the fun creativity and into the world of professionalism and success in that form. So far, I still don't know where it all will lead, but I'm learning many valuable things.
      Thanks for commenting!!