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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Chatterbox in November


I’m once again joining in with the blog link-up Chatterbox from Rachel Heffington of Inkpen Authoress. This time the topic is death. I haven’t written any books containing definite tragedies, so I wrote a conversation between three characters from The Alice Quest just for Chatterbox. Either this conversation hasn’t happened yet or it happens off-stage, but it did give me an opportunity to touch on the different ways these characters – Amy, her sister Lisa, and their grandma – relate to the century-old disappearance of Alice Prescott.

    Lisa stared at Grandma and Amy, her eyebrows raised. “How do you know she didn’t die? Her story could have ended right there, in 1906 or whenever it was she disappeared.”
   “Her diary itself says she eloped,” Amy replied, forgetting any doubts she’d had herself. Stating evidence to contradict Lisa often had that effect.
   “She might as well have died,” Grandma declared, throwing out her hands as if exasperated. “Nora never saw her again.”

   “It was worse than death because there was never any closure.” Amy sat on the porch railing as a chill crept over her, sent by the wind and clouded sky as much as by her thoughts. “Why didn’t Alice contact Nora at least? She would have kept it a secret. Alice would have been a wife and possibly a mother by then; she wouldn’t have had to deal with her parents. Nora must have felt betrayed. It was like Alice had killed herself and kept herself dead all the while that she held the power of resurrecting. She didn’t love Nora enough to resurrect herself.” Amy took her gaze from the porch floorboards and looked meditatively at Lisa. “That’s no way to treat a sister.”

This was just a snippet, because I wanted it to feel like it came straight from the story. Hopefully something like it will go straight into the story!

To finish up, I hope you have a wonderful and meaningful Thanksgiving. Take advantage of this celebration to be rededicated to God as you give Him thanks and realize how much He has done for us!

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