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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Well Seasoned

As I was pondering what to blog about today, my mom suggested humorously, “How about this dreary weather we’ve been having?” The moment before I had been thinking of how it would be spring break next week and how that always makes me think of my first book Family Reunion, because the entire plot took place during those seven days. And so everything came together for a blog post about the seasons and my Six Cousins series. 

Fortunately for the Austin family reunion, their March was beautiful and spring-like, unlike ours so far this year (it’s still early yet, so I hold out hope). I wrote a post called “A Six Cousins Spring” back in March 2013 detailing how tightly springtime wove into Family Reunion. When I wrote England Adventure, I was delighted to notice an emerging pattern—I love patterns in book series—because that story took place in summer. I see no harm in informing you I have tentative plans for two more books with the Six Cousins, and their stories will occur in fall and winter, respectively … of different years, this time; you’ll see Marielle growing up, Lord willing!

So, when you think of England Adventure, imagine early summer in England, the time of the mid-summer solstice in June, when the sun stays up late—until well after nine o’clock—and when British students are still in their summer school term. Flowers are out in full, and roses … oh, the roses! It’s a marvelous time to be traveling around England; Marielle, Emma, and Caroline consider themselves very fortunate to escape the Texas heat and enjoy the old country in its brightest weeks.

My favorite season is spring; what is yours? Do the seasons play a large role in your writing? What is your favorite season to write about?

St. Paul's through the roses

In other news, I have a short story published by Rivershore Books for sale on Etsy—it’s to help raise money for an organization called the Justice Society, which fights human trafficking. Ironically, it’s called “Field of Blue” and takes place in spring! So if you want a flavor of Texas spring … here’s the link.

Lastly, I added England Adventure onto Goodreads—it’s not published yet!—but I couldn’t wait any longer. So, if you’d like, you can now put it on your “to-read” shelf.


  1. :O I was seriously talking with my sister the other day about the seasons in the Six Counsins books! That is too funny of a coincidence! It must have been in the air... :) Although I was saying that I think of the first as more of a summery book, despite knowing it's in spring, because of the warmth of Texas in it, and the sunny cover, and think of the second as more spring-ish because England isn't as hot, and the cover is more of a light spring green color. XD My brain knows better, but my subconscious won't listen. :P


    I hope our weather will spring-ize soon... it's been so icky. :-/
    I love roses. <3 They are the best.
    And EEEEEE England Adventure's on Goodreads! I was so excited when I saw that. :D

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    2. That is too funny! It's also interesting to hear your perspective on how you picture their tie-in with the seasons, and I can definitely see why you were thinking that! I'm glad you like the seasons theme! I've always loved the fact of the seasons and I guess that's why they show up in my fiction with such a strong presence.
      Yes to spring's arrival, yes to roses (though I do love hydrangeas the best. : ) ) and yes! Thank you for rating and adding E A to your read shelf!! :D