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Friday, June 14, 2013

Follow the Links

I'm back to my blog earlier than I thought I'd be! This will look like a short post, but not if you follow the rather long trails these links lead to.

First of all, here is a guest post I wrote for Alicia Willis. She published it on Monday. It's about one of my favorite Bible stories, the inspiring adventure of Joash, Jehosheba, and Athaliah. Don't remember who they are? Read the post to find out!

Secondly, I'm entering this giveaway for Melanie Ellison's book, Chucking College, at the blog Everyday Set-Apart. Melanie Ellison is a 22-year-old who decided to forego a college degree in favor of something she finds much more valuable. She wrote a guest post, as well, and you can enter the giveaway if you're interested! It ends June 18th.

I'm hoping to have an intereting blog post on Tuesday, what with all the people I saw and traveling I did ....

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