How precious are Your thoughts to me, O LORD ... how vast is the sum of them!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Two Things You May Want to Know

Hey everyone! I’m making announcements for two author friends of mine. The first concerns the winners for E. Kaiser’s print launch giveaway, which I posted about two and a half weeks ago (whew, has it been that long?). If you entered, and your name is Claire B., Madelinejrose, or Skye (it looks like the other winners, LeAnne and Christine and Kelsey—aka, me—have found out their good news), then go to E. Kaiser’s blog to see what you won and to get in touch with her! Congratulations! 

The other thing concerns everyone who may be interested in Amanda Tero’s short stories about applying the Bible to our lives. For the next few weeks, one short story a week will be free on Kindle! Don’t miss your chance to grab these relatable, enriching tales. Keep up with Amanda’s blog to find out when each story is free. 

(I’m sorry I’ve been absent from the blogosphere lately. Time to write, both on and offline, has been eluding me so far this May. Even the slight creativity required for writing this post alleviates my word hunger…missing writing is like missing a friend. But hopefully it’s only temporary, and I'll soon reconnect and get back on track!)