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Friday, December 4, 2020

Ella Pursued: A Sweet Christian Romance by Hannah Foster

Today I'd like to tell you about a lovely short story by a new author:


Ella has narrowly escaped a fatal marriage once, but she plans to never be caught in that web again. It’s been easy to evade the young men of her church so far, but Joe is different.

Can Ella keep avoiding the ever-persistent Joe, especially when she knows her own heart is pulled toward him? Can she trust Joe and, more importantly, can she trust God? Is she willing to face her fears or will she continue to run, breaking more hearts than one?


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About the Author

Hannah Foster was born and raised in North Carolina where she was homeschooled with her eight siblings. She attended college in Minnesota where she got her bachelor’s degree in literature, learned to survive temperatures of below zero, and became Mrs. Foster. From a young age, Hannah has loved reading. Throughout her teen years, she also enjoyed journaling and blogging, but it wasn’t till her mid-twenties that she discovered her love for penning her own stories. Hannah’s desire is that the words she writes would bring hope and light in a dark world. Besides reading and writing, she also enjoys baking, watercolor painting, and all things vintage.

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My review:

I really enjoyed copyediting this short story! The romance was sweet and God-centered, and the message was valuable for anyone in any situation: trusting God and not allowing fear to keep you from following His good plans for you. It's a quick, satisfying read that will fill your heart with warmth.