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Friday, November 22, 2013

November Snippets


It’s Snippets of Story time! How appropriate that my 100th blog post is about the stories I write ... my impetus for beginning a blog in the first place. And so, here are some lines from Adventure in England and The Alice Quest that I’ve written this month.

Reanna didn’t answer, but parted her lips and started singing wordlessly in a gliding melody, her soprano climbing louder and louder. I felt her emotions: she hadn’t sung for two weeks! So much was pent up inside that it poured forth now as if we were in the hills of the Lake District again, swept by the wind, teased by the sun and the clouds.
Adventure in England

“Nine o’clock already, kitten?” Amy called, though she could see the old mute cuckoo in her clock was about to pop out. The evening sky of June was still a luminescent smoky blue; if the trees had not been so thick, she might have been able to see the sunset from her window. (However, she wouldn’t have traded glorious house-hiding Sherwood-Forest trees for a sunset she could stroll out to the road to see.)
“Ye-es,” Kristia mewed deliberately, not swayed.
Amy smiled. Not too long ago, when Kristia was learning how to tell time, she could always make Kristia second-guess herself. “All right then, ask Lewis if he wants to listen, and I’ll be right there.”

The Alice Quest

[Amy] hadn’t quite lost it, but she hadn’t kept it together, either. Her squabbles with Lisa felt so childish, but she couldn’t get the better of them. Was this anything like Alice’s turmoil as she confronted the division in her family, between her and her parents and between her and Del?
The Alice Quest

“Right down to the gravestones, eh? I’d like that. A whole lot. You’ll help me find them, won’t you then?” [Grandma asked.]
Amy’s reading ground to a halt … the request sounded ominous, and she had better be on her guard. “Alice and Wilson? Or the gravestones?”
“Both. You just said we could find them, right down to the gravestones. I take things literally. The more I think about it, the more I see that I won’t be satisfied this time until we find Alice, her body, and any descendants she might’ve had.”

The Alice Quest

No one ever means “nothing.” [Amy thought.] Everyone, even if they’re long dead in our time, matters to God, and they mattered to people who missed them beyond their lifetime. Everyone has a legacy that still lives today, even if their names are long forgotten.
The Alice Quest

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