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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Chatterbox: Amy and Lisa

Chatterbox is a fun monthly blog link-up created by Rachel Heffington where you write a conversation between your story characters about a topic Rachel chooses. This month it is food, which I think is a staple of a getting-to-know-you tête-à-tête.

This time for Chatterbox I wrote something I’d always wanted to write – a discussion between me and my characters. We’ve talked before, but never has it been recorded. I hope you enjoy this rare footage.

I perch on the moss-green sectional sofa that’s at an angle to its partner where sit Amy and Lisa Brown. We’re in their living room. Amy sits with feet on floor and hands in lap; Lisa has her legs curled to the side while her right elbow rests on a pillow. Amy scoots ever so slightly to the right so that her sister’s dark-brown hair doesn’t tickle her arm. I smile. Those two.

Kelsey: So, we’re here because of Chatterbox. You’ve done it before, only it was with your grandma.

Lisa: We remember. It was only two months ago.

Amy: Less than two months ago. But it doesn’t matter; she’s just reviewing for the audience.

Lisa: I know that.

Amy: Very well then, let’s let her continue.

Kelsey: Thank you. This month’s topic is food. I’m going to ask you just one question and hope that it will really nail down your characters for the readers. What’s your favorite food? Oh, and you have my permission to argue. It’s more entertaining, you know.

Amy: Really? Seriously, I don’t need that – that encouragement. I’m trying to cut down on my arguments with her.

Lisa: We don’t need your permission; we’ll do it anyway.

Amy: For goodness’s sake, Lisa.

Lisa: See?

Amy: Shall we proceed with the question? My favorite food … a whole food category or a single dish?

Kelsey: Whatever you feel is your favorite. I’m not limiting you on this. Say exactly what you want to say.

Amy: Well, I adore fruits, vegetables, and pretty much anything natural. Nuts, too – almonds are my favorite, especially roasted – and healthy desserts. The kinds with coarse, whole wheat flour, honey, dried fruit, and nuts.

Lisa: Cacao nibs instead of chocolate chips, mouth-burning amounts of cinnamon and ginger, cookies whose only taste is from the fruit that’s in them. It’s a race to get the ones with the most fruit.

Amy: All my cookies have the same amount of fruit and nuts. I ensure that every ingredient is equally distributed. That’s the only way to make decent cookies.

Lisa: Her pizzas look like works of art.

Amy: Whereas the dinner table is like a trading market when we eat your pizza. “Lewis, give me some of your cheese!” “I didn’t get any pepperoni!” “Hey, Katelyn, I count ten mushrooms on your slice. I’ve got six tomatoes. Give me five mushrooms and I’ll give you three tomatoes.”

Kelsey: Lisa, what’s your favorite food?

Lisa: Gooey desserts. Lasagna. Macaroni and cheese. Carbs. Pretty much anything that I can make and that’s rich and flavorful.

Amy: Fortunately she doesn’t do all the cooking. She and Mom collaborate, but Mom’s commander-in-chief – most of the time.

Lisa: I don’t see you cooking very often.

Amy: Please don’t start on that, Lisa. Seriously, I’m sorry. I was only joking.

Lisa: Then so was I.

Kelsey: Well, I think we answered that question sufficiently. Thank you both, Amy, Lisa, for your time. It was really enlightening and, um, enjoyable.

Lisa: Goodness, “gooey desserts” just made me crave caramel brownies. Does anyone else want some? They’ll be fresh from the oven in, like, thirty minutes.

Amy: Not even you can make anything that fast.

Lisa: Just watch me.

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