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Friday, January 10, 2014

Snippets of January

Well, I believe I finally have enough fresh material to participate in Snippets of Story this month!

The two reached the library via the corridor that, in Stephen’s opinion, made far too many turns. The library was one of his favorite rooms, but it was dashed inconvenient to get to and too distant from any other happening. When tucked away reading in this far burrow of the warren he was bound to miss something.
The Wise- and Light-Hearted

“One of my deepest regrets is that I made my dear Mrs. Quigley wait so long before I felt we could afford to marry. We spent four years needlessly separated by distance, I didn’t grown any younger, and our hearts ached even as we whittled quill after quill writing letters.”
Mr. Robert Quigley, The Wise- and Light-Hearted

As their carriage … turned, Lucy clutched at the widened view of the sea from her window. “I see a yard or two more of it! If it were not for those rooftops I could see more.”
“In a few minutes’ time, when you have a boundless view at your command, you shall spurn such a paltry sight,” said Joseph.
“Simply imagine what it shall be like on the Cobb,” Philip exclaimed in his quiet, intense way. “Surrounded on three sides by the sea.”

In Lyme, The Wise- and Light-Hearted

But the trip to see Aunt Millicent (whom she had met only twice) and the mansion that might not be there was bracing because it was so risky. Once she grew accustomed to the idea, Amy couldn’t wait. She felt her adventure-spirits uncurling their weak, pale-green heads.
The Alice Quest

“How long has Aunt Millicent lived here?” Amy asked as they alighted. She slammed her door and pressed herself against it as a rusty, dented car zoomed by, rocking to the music it blasted.
“Break your eardrums, why don’t you?” Grandma frowned after the car, then replied, “She raised her family here, so soon after she married. I guess that’d make it late fifties or early sixties.”

The Alice Quest

Amy held the photos while she and Lisa both looked. These were originals, so they felt like smoky, fragile windows into the very present past, and Amy handled them reverently.
The Alice Quest

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