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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Writer Camaraderie

Last Wednesday I was most blessed to meet a couple of young women in person whom I had met online, along with dear friends I see fairly often. We met at a restaurant and spent a good two and a half hours talking!

Not only was meeting in person an amazing experience, we also had many similarities that gave wings to our lips and filled our heart’s reserves of joy, comfort, and excitement. We are all creative, literary people, and I found the company perfectly stimulating. I had been feeling rather down about my writing (“I’m stuck! Maybe this story isn’t worth it after all. Maybe my creativity has completely spun out and all I’m left with is an empty spool. Maybe one or two novels is all I can do. Maybe the world doesn’t even need my writing!”) but a dose of everyone’s excitement for and love of story perked me right up.

Some people say that the best writers are/have been loners. Perhaps, but those writers aren’t the only writers who are gifted or who have accomplished great literature. And I’m sure each one has had at least one encourager. As I’m fond of realizing, every writer is different – they write different things, they write in different ways – and we can’t say any one method is better than another for everyone. I go through seasons; when I’m very involved and confident in my story, I don’t want anyone else around. It’s just me and my characters! But I’m not that way all the time. Often camaraderie and active fellowship with other writers or creative-thinking people gives me nourishment and strength to go on, to refresh my passion for crafting the story I want to tell.

And so, I just want to say thank you to everyone who understands the urge to create with words and for the support you give to each other, both writers and readers. Certainly there would not be as much joy and effectiveness in our work without such camaraderie! 

These are just a few musings as I tried to come up with a blog post … I knew I wanted to mention that wonderful meeting, and it needed some thoughts to go along with it, so … there you go! Who or what most encourages you in your writing? My mom and dad are my first line, I would say, as they listen, read, and comment! But I have spectacular friends, too. : )

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