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Friday, May 16, 2014

A Grand Writers' Meeting

This Wednesday was a wonderful day. I got to meet with nine other young women for lunch at a bright and airy restaurant across from a beautiful courthouse. All of us are writers, published and non-published, with an equal passion for books—and pleasing God. Over our food, we talked, among other things, about favorite books, movies, songs, and our own story characters before continuing the lively discussion in a nearby park. The weather was perfect! We spent almost four hours together. The interaction of our ten different personalities as they got to know one another was fun and stimulating.

I love these photos:

You see here J. Grace Pennington, me, and Sarah Holman. I haven’t read Grace’s books, though hopefully I will someday because they sound intriguing, and I really enjoyed the works of Sarah’s that I’ve read.

There is no doubt that writers inspire other writers. I don’t know if it’s creativity osmosis or not, but I found that we didn’t even have to talk much about our stories or the work of writing for me to feel recharged and excited to sit down and write several hundred words after I got home.

P.S. Besides the creativity juice, I also gained a desire to see The Avengers—it seems everyone loved that movie but me, because I haven’t watched it yet! Have you seen it? What do you think of it?


  1. Marianne and I really enjoyed hearing about the party from Hannah! She came home very excited--and also mentioned you got into an Avengers conversation. ;) Eventually, you simply will have to see that movie for yourself. :D

    1. It was so much fun! I wish you could have been there. Everyone was so cool!
      I requested The Avengers from the library, so we'll be seeing it soon. :)

  2. We saw it a while ago... and I definitely enjoyed it. The characters are all unique and the dialog had some really humorous lines in it.
    I think you'd probably enjoy it!

    1. It's amazing that they could fit all those unique characters in one movie! The other movies, which focused on them as individuals, definitely help viewers feel more attached to them, I think. The only one I've seen before is Thor's first movie, so I felt more "in on it" with Thor and Loki than with the others, but the makers still did a great job of getting me to root for every Avenger.
      Thanks for chiming in!