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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Trip to England

It’s looming nearer. In less than four months, Lord willing, I will be in England as part of a tour led by Jennie Chancey of Sense & Sensibility Patterns! It’s called the Historical Costume Tour and runs this year from September 7 –14. We will be visiting costume museums, touring towns and villages like Bath and Hay-on-Wye, and dressing up in both Regency gowns (for the Jane Austen Festival in Bath) and Titanic-era (for a themed dinner in Manchester). And, you know what? It really isn’t too late to join us! May 31 is the deadline. (I say that, wishing really hard that someone reading this can join us!)

File:Uk PriorPark Bath.jpg
This tour has been a dream of mine for about five years, ever since I heard of it, and a friend went on it. I wrote my second novel, England Adventure, the upcoming sequel of Family Reunion, with this tour in mind. If I went on a tour to England, I thought, this Jane Austen tour would be the one. But since I couldn’t send Marielle and her cousins on that exact trip, I had fun researching and tailoring their personal circuit as led by their grandparents’ good friends the Endicotts.

File:Abbey Green - Bath - - 1506258.jpg
For the real tour, all I needed was a companion, and one of my best friends jumped at the idea. We’ll be going a few days ahead and staying a couple days afterward to see London and—I hope, I hope, I hope!—Chawton, Jane Austen’s home village. It’s so much fun to plan this trip together … it reminds me quite a bit of how I planned Marielle and her cousins’ trip for my novel. Speaking of which, I look forward to fact-checking while I’m there. It’s been another dream of mine to actually go to a location and research it for the purpose of writing a story. And so, as long as all goes as planned (and we know that circumstances can arise over which we have no control … but God is in control), I will be able to do that.

Do you like writing about the places you go? Or is there a location that you have dreamed of visiting? How about a country that inspires a story in you?


  1. Unbelievably excited for you Kelsey. I know you'll have a wonderful time. Take lots of photos and promise me a long chat when you get back! :-)

    1. Thank you, Sonja! I will take photos, and I'd love to tell you all that you want to hear. : ) My friend Laura has a nice camera, too, and she's good at photos, so between us, we should have it covered!

  2. How wonderful, Kelsey! I'm positive you and Laura will have alot of fun. Are you making your own costumes, or are they providing them?

    1. Thank you, Rachel! We have the option of either making our own costumes or buying them somewhere ... I'm trying to make my Regency dress, but I'm going to pay a friend to make my Titanic costume.