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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

“The Moment You've Been Waiting For!"

crows a tall, brown-haired thirteen-year-old, Caroline Yardley. “And the moment I’ve been waiting for, too! It’s time to reveal the cover of Six Cousins Book 2, England Adventure!”

For as long as she can remember, Marielle has dreamed of seeing England in person. When kind grandparents send her and her cousins there to visit old friends, she can hardly wait to see the places she’s known in fiction and film. The Endicotts are perfect hosts—and their worldly American granddaughter Paris, perfectly beautiful.

But it soon turns out that nothing is as it seems. Her cousins Abby and Reanna, once the best of friends, appear deeply at odds, and the picture-perfect Endicott family is hiding secrets of its own. Distanced by an ocean from home and her family’s protection, Marielle finds herself challenged by a troubling new world. She befriends Paris, but Paris seems opposed to what Marielle stands for. Can Marielle be the witness who helps Paris overcome the lifestyle that’s harming her? Or will Marielle and her cousins be overwhelmed by the conflict this supposed dream trip has brought them?

“On the cover, you’ll see my fair cousin, Marielle Austin, as she gazes across the Thames toward St. Paul’s Cathedral, one of our favorite spots in London. It was jaw-dropping gorgeous and tons of fun! Well, all of England was gorgeous and fun, really. Most of it, anyway. No, no—all of it. But this picture sums it up—”
  “Gosh, I guess none of us will ever, like, make it to the cover of a book,” interrupts a slightly shorter fifteen-year-old with a blond bob as she sashays in front of the hovering image and plants herself on the other side, opposite her cousin.
  “You’ve got to have a story before you can get on the cover of a book,” Caroline counters. “Marielle went to all the hard work of telling this story, so it’s only right—”
  “Well, yeah. But she coulda shared the limelight a little,” Kailey sniffs.
  Caroline sticks out her lower lip. “You’re not really begrudging her, are you?”
  Kailey takes one look at Caroline and giggles. “Okay, okay. Whatever. It’s fine. Marielle totally deserves it. But anyway, where’s everybody else?”
  “You and I were the only ones who wanted to get up here and do this.”
  “You’re kidding! Abby didn’t want the attention?”
  “Nope. None of them did.”
  “What about Paris? No way can I believe—”
  “It had to be a cousin, because we’ve already been properly introduced in the first book.”
  “Ohhh. Okay. Well, we get more attention this way, so I’m, like, more than cool with it.”
  “Yep! Anyway, we’d better get back to the book. So, esteemed audience, England Adventure is due to break upon the publishing scene in a few weeks! I’ve been told setting a definite release date for this book is a delicate matter, but stay tuned for The Day. It won’t be long now!”
  Caroline holds her hands up toward the cover and nudges Kailey with her foot; Kailey looks perplexed until she realizes she should do the same. “Look for it, guys!” she cries. “You don’t want to miss me, I mean us, do ya?”


  1. Beautiful cover Kelsey! I can't wait to read it! Please do let me know when I can order it! Also, the dialogue between the girls is really cute--made me smile!


    1. Thank you! I will be sure to let you know! I'm glad you liked the dialogue. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Congrats, Kelsey! :) The cover is very nice!


    1. Thank you, Micaiah! Thanks for commenting!

  3. EEEEEEEEEEEEE IT'S SO PRETTY!!! So exciting! :D I can't wait for it to be available! ^_^ Haha, Caroline and Kailey are so funny. XD

    1. Glad you think so, about all of it!!! I'm so excited to have gotten to this step, and the rest is soon to follow!!

  4. It looks quite awesome! Hannah told me the model was blonde (and so pretty) after you showed her the earlier cover draft. The final cover is so lovely! :)

    1. Thank you, Sarah! Pretty people are nice on a book cover. : ) I love the summery atmosphere of the whole thing, because it takes place in June, you remember.