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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Compilation of Autumn Joy

Happy fall! I know this celebration is belated by a couple of weeks, but consider—I live in the south where it was near one hundred degrees most of September. October has finally ushered in the cooler, more golden air that encases fall and creates the aura we associate with it, and so I’m finally feeling festive. Beautiful weather has arrived! It’s pleasant to be outside! We can open the windows! Nature is so much more accessible when the temperatures make it comfortable for you to be out in it. Fall is my favorite season weather-wise (spring is my favorite for every other reason). 

As one of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Goudge, puts it in the book I’m currently reading, The Dean’s Watch:

“Winter, spring and summer did not accommodate themselves to one’s moods as autumn did. They lacked its gentleness.”

Speaking of that book, it’s absolutely lovely. I’ll be writing a review of it when I’m finished and encouraging every literary person to read it. I didn’t realize before, but it’s perfect to read in October, because the story spans the autumn.

I saw a brilliant sky early this morning, around 6:00am. The shining spheres looked so close as to be tangible. The moon was a perfect crescent and bright as an approaching headlight, and right beneath it and nearly as bright was Jupiter. Both Jupiter and Venus had planted themselves in the magnificent constellation Leo, the top of which curved like a giant sickle and the bottom formed a straight up and down staff, disappearing into the trees—it’s actually dramatic as far as constellations go. (What I saw was in a different position than what this picture shows.) Orion was right above my head, as clear and breathtaking as you please. It’s such a distinct shape it looks like a human figure even to the casual observer. The darkness was so transparent the Pleiades, a tight band of little stars (“The Seven Sisters”), also directly above, were each one distinguishable. And the air was cool, almost cold. I’m indebted to my mom for informing me about Leo this morning…I’d never seen it, or rather noticed it, in person before. It’s become one of the friends I’ll always search for in the proper season.

Closing on a practical note, I’m thankful to have found this site,, which is invaluable for historical fiction authors. It provides the date of origin for all English words. Now there’s a way to know whether or not your nineteenth-century character would exclaim “Bingo!”, or in my case, my 1930s secretary would undergo an “orientation” for her new job. Many thanks to John J. Horn on Word Painters for pointing out this resource!

How is your autumn so far?

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