How precious are Your thoughts to me, O LORD ... how vast is the sum of them!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Another Year Gone By . . .


Happy December, everyone! I don’t know about you, but this month always makes me nostalgic yet anxious and excited. My years are usually filled with highlights to remember fondly. Even the sting of unhappy things has dulled, and I’m left with a deeper knowledge of God’s unfailing strength and presence. The next year always holds new and invigorating possibilities, though I still feel a sober sense of caution about the state of the world and what new challenges we’ll face. Yet most of all, I’m grateful to have the assurance of the Lord’s faithfulness at every turn!

I’d like to share my highlights of 2016:

- My nephew’s birth in February. The birth of a healthy baby into your family is one of the most joyous gifts God gives.

- A dear friend’s wedding in May. I was blessed and honored to be in her bridal party. It was such a touching and fun occasion.

- Meeting three fantastic long-distance friends in person for the first time this summer. We had such sweet times together.

- Camp Yeshua in July. Even though it’s wonderful every year (I’ve been going since 2006), this time was especially so because I led a tribe (small group) with my dear friend.

- Volunteering at a music day camp in August. I love working with kids.

- Prince Edward Island, Canada, in September. Not only was this trip a dream come true, it was made even better with three incredible friends.

- Visiting my 98-year-old grandmother and other relatives in September. 

- The Feast of Tabernacles in October. Amazing, godly people, powerful worship, many spiritual life lessons, and great fun with the children’s program. 

- Taking introductory sword-fighting lessons in October and November. It was fun and stimulating. 

- Getting my proofreading/copyediting business underway. 

- Completing my novel Suit and Suitability. Next year looks on point for publication. I’ve had so many joys and frustrations with this thing . . . but that will be a story for other posts!

Thank you to all my family and friends who made 2016 one of the best years yet! I thank God for you!

So! What were your 2016 highlights? Was your year steady, or full of changes and surprises? Was it difficult or happy?


  1. Yes, you had a full year, Kelsey!!!!
    We hope to see you again in 2017! :-)

    1. Way fuller than I ever dreamed. :) Thanks so much for being a huge part of making it fantastic, Elizabeth. I look forward to seeing you in 2017, Lord willing!

  2. So very glad I got to not only finally meet you in person this year, but also spend time with you on the PEI trip! 2016 was an incredible year for me as well! Lots of love! xoxo sonja

    1. I am so glad, too! It was a great blessing to spend all that time with you and make lasting memories. I'm happy that your 2016 was wonderful, too! Lots of love back!

  3. Your life in 2016 sounds interesting and full of memories. I saw you at HH and you are a beautiful, sweet woman and I am so enriched knowing a person like you.

    1. Aw, thank you so much. It was very special to see you at HH, too. I loved spending time with you. Thank you for the ways you enrich my life!