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Friday, March 1, 2013

My Short Story

Well, I collected some opinions about my story … I had my mom read it and I shared it at my writers’ group … and, since the opinions were positive, I’m here to say that it’s officially a finished product! (Until I bring it out again in May for my writing class assignment, when it won’t be able to stop me from tweaking it.) This little victory energizes me for the rest of my writing.

                                                     Bluebonnet, State Flower of Texas

Working title: “Field of Blue”

Synopsis: The Crossmans have a treasured yearly tradition to take family photos in a very special bluebonnet field. But what will happen when, this year, life contrives to prevent it?

Length: 2,677

Note: For those of you who don’t live in Texas, it’s a tradition to take photos of loved ones -- especially kids -- in fields full of the state wildflower, bluebonnets. I personally think bluebonnets make one of the most beautiful backdrops imaginable. And it's almost time for them to start coming out!



  1. Oh, what a cute theme! We had bluebonnet picture traditions when I was a teenager. I still have a picture of myself (looking rather bad, I might add) with the others in the bluebonnet patch on the church lawn. They're one of the prettiest flowers in the world, I think. :D

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like it and can readily identify with the theme. That was my goal: something that a fairly large group of people (so long as they're Texans) could identify with. We didn't take a whole bunch of bluebonnet photos, but I think it's a fun tradition.
      Oh, and everyone probably knows what I mean, but that's 2,677 words. : )