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Friday, September 27, 2013

For Sale!

Family Reunion (Six Cousins, Book 1) is now officially published and for sale at the CreateSpace eStore! I believe the biggest difference between purchasing it from the eStore and purchasing it from, at least in what affects me, is that the eStore gives me higher royalties. But, Amazon is the better advertiser and whatever sales go through there build the rankings of the book. It will be live on Amazon in a few days!

It’s such a joyous feeling of relief to have it out there! I know it’s only the beginning, and a new kind of work is ahead, but I feel like I can “move on” now in a fuller sense to my other stories and thus be more productive there.

And, forgetful me left a curious blank space after the word “link” in my last post. So, here is the link to my author page on Facebook.

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