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Friday, September 13, 2013

What a Step!

The proof copies for my novel Six Cousins: Family Reunion showed up unexpectedly early on my doorstep yesterday. As you can see, it was quite a moment. My story transformed into a book … bound up in the official body that literature has been passed down in for centuries. I felt the weight of it, gloried in the crisp whiteness of the pages and the way everything inside looked just like a book. I read the sentences – my sentences – and for a moment thought I was reading someone else’s work, because my words seemed like the last words to appear in a physical book. But no, I realized, these are mine; I practically have them memorized. Tears brimmed, I hugged my mom, took pictures, and praised God for the wonderful lady who designed my cover. I posted it all on Facebook and got lots of “likes” and encouraging comments. Support from friends is amazing.
Since these are the proof copies, I am not yet selling on I’m a little unsure of when I should click “approve” and begin selling, since I’ll be gone for a week starting on September 20th. Any serious marketing will have to wait until I get back. But we’ll see! I should get it figured out once I’m thinking more clearly.
Lastly, I just really want to give the glory to God for making this happen. He allowed me to live at a time when publishing and selling your own book is relatively easy, thus fulfilling a dream I’ve had for eleven years of being a published author. He gave me all the tools and all the people and all the love … and it came together.

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