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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What Has Interested Me Lately

I have materials for a typical blog post, but as I didn’t have time to assemble it for today, I wanted to take this opportunity to put some other goodies out there that might interest you:

First of all, there is a new Christian girls’ e-newsletter called “Girls of God’s Grace” done by a sweet young lady, Kayla M. It’s targeted for 10-16-year-olds but I think it will be very neat, myself! It will include “encouraging news, the girls doing great things column, Bible verses, suggested Bible reading challenges, prayer requests, quotes and maybe book suggestions and interviews with Christian authors!” (from website). If you are that age or know anyone who is, learn more here.

This is an oddly encouraging article called “Most Books Don’t Sell” that really speaks to me and perhaps to other authors and even people in general, whatever their pursuit might be. It proffers the vital advice that our happiness and contentment depends on our attitude!

Lastly, this article, “The 10 Different Types of Humor,” I found when I was in a character development slump. I had two characters who I knew both have a sense of humor, but, being quite unlike each other, they needed two different ways of expressing it. I don’t have a highly-developed sense of humor myself, so I needed help, and a search on the internet brought this up on a website about dating. It’s very interesting! I quickly found my characters’ styles and personally identified most with “bonding in the moment” humor. What type of humor do you have?

What has really interested me lately, though, is The Alice Quest, my work in progress. I’m really in love with it now; I’ve gotten past some snags and I think it will swim along relatively smoothly. 23,000 words!

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