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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Beaded Post

Today, as I am still editing England Adventure (I am taking a long time, I know, but it’s got a lot of words and I’m evaluating every one of them—or at least it feels like it), this post is going to be like a bracelet made up of little beads of information ….

England Adventure should be ready to publish in January. I don’t have my cover yet, but once it’s here, there shouldn’t be anything holding me back! I would appreciate prayers, if you think of it, for this whole process. Thank you! I’m really excited to introduce my new characters to you, and hopefully take you to England with me ….

On Word Painters, I published an article on formatting a book … you can tell what I was working on the week that I wrote it! :)

Next Tuesday, I plan to post my top-15 list of books that impacted me most this year. It’s fun but kind of hard to narrow down to 15 … stay tuned for that, and do be thinking of your favorite books from what you read this year, because I’d like to see their intriguing titles in the comments next week.

Hanukkah’s last night is tonight! I’ve had a blessed time reflecting on our Savior and how we can let our lights shine like He did.

File:Hanukkah menorah.jpg
Scott - wikimedia commons

Friendship and Folly, which is the novel I’m reading right now, is proving to be a delight. It’s a Jane Austen-type book about two young ladies set in 1805 England. Cleverness and authenticity drip from the pen of the author, Meredith Allady; she comes the closest to the spirit of Jane Austen of anyone I’ve read so far, yet her style is distinct and all her own. (If possible, she’s even wittier than the one who started it all, I think, which is rare to find in a Regency novel.) I look forward to reviewing it on my blog when I’m done.

On a humorous note, I leave you with this picture of these gingerbread ninjas that I got from my martial arts instructor … I almost had a hard time eating them. :) I wish my flying side kicks looked that good!

Have a wonderful week!


  1. You and your book are in my prayers! :) I'm sure you'll get it all together just fine! And a COVER! My goodness, I can't wait to find out what it will look like!! The first one was so beautiful! ^_^

    What adorable gingerbread ninjas!! That's awesome. :D

    Looking forward to seeing your booklist. :D I plan on doing a post on my favorite books of 2014, in the first week of 2015 (since I figure there's still time to find another favorite in the last week of this year! ;)).

    Love you, and can't wait for next week! <3

    1. Thank you, Deborah! I appreciate that so much. I can't wait to see the final cover, too!

      Ooh, yes. I will look forward to your post on your favorite books. The one I'm reading by Meredith Allady, squeaking in at the end of the year, is definitely in the running for mine. : )

      Love you, too, and see you soon!

  2. Looking forward to seeing "England Adventure" come out. Brittany's currently reading "Family Reunion" (judging from the location of the bookmark, looks like she is about halfway through it).

    You've definitely got a dedication to writing that I've yet to find for myself. Sometimes it seems like half the work is just sitting yourself down in the chair and convincing yourself to write/edit/whatever needs to be done (and not get distracted by every other shiny idea that comes your way).

    Glad you had a good Chanukah =) Definitely enjoyed ours here as well.

    1. Thanks for telling me about Brittany reading "Family Reunion"! It's nice to know when people are reading it. :)

      I know exactly what you mean about dedication and not getting distracted ... really, what contributes to taking me so long about getting my books written is distractions ... sometimes, while I'm writing, I feel like I should go do something else, forgetting that I've made this some of my most important business, so I'd better do it! It does take a great deal of work to convince yourself to stick to it. :) You have such valuable things to say that I definitely hope you keep at it!

      Your first Chanukah together! That's great. The symbolism and lessons of this festival are so rich I don't get tired of pondering them ....

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. So you're enjoying Friendship and Folly? I'm getting really excited about it. Need to start reading it soon . . . who's your favorite character so far?

    1. Yes, very much so! It's best if you read it in large chunks. : ) My favorite character ... that's a hard decision ... probably Mr. Lenox. He reminds me of Mr. Knightley in some ways (particularly in the recent Romola Garai version, which I think you said you haven't seen yet?). I also like Clive Parry because he amuses me. : ) The next step down is Julia and Ann. It's somewhat surprising for me to prefer male characters to female characters! Anyway, I look forward to discussing it with you once you read it.