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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Authorly Bucket List

Today I’m doing another fun blog tag, for which Deborah O’Carroll of The Road of a Writer tagged me. Thank you, Deborah! You get hold of the most entertaining tags! Click on this link to see what she put down and click here to see the original, created by Erin Kenobi.

So, the Authorly Bucket List. (“Otherwise known as the Stuff-I-Need-To-Practice-More-Slash-Stuff-I’d-Like-To-Be-Better-At Tag. Basically, the idea is to list a few things you’re not very good at, and a few things which you’d like to try. Three to seven of each should be a good number.” - Erin Kenobi) Time to challenge myself and get a little convicting here …

Things I’m Not Very Good At

Knowing what to leave out. I love a wealth of details in a story, but I admit, if overdone, they slow the story down and make it less exciting. Since I love detailed description and character studies, it’s hard for me to measure how much other readers enjoy and therefore … what I should leave out to improve the story for them.

Writing quickly. It takes me suuuuch a llllooonnnggg time to finish anything because 1) I don’t write very much in one sitting (an average of 500 words, perhaps); 2) words don’t rapidly flow out of me as I type (probably because I’m not concentrating well); 3) I don’t write every single day; 4) I’m a perfectionist; and 5) I ruminate a long time.

Suspense. I like a good action/suspense/thriller novel every so often, but it’s not really “me.” However, there is a type of suspense that doesn’t hang on the question, “Will they come out alive???” and I’d like to get better at that … making readers desperate to know what will happen next in the plot, i.e., what this girl will say to this guy tomorrow, or what this man will decide to do when confronted with this situation, or how these characters will change on the other end of their trip.

Dialogue. Hearing my characters speak. I want to make every word realistic, and every character’s dialogue ring true for their personalities, so they could be recognized even without a dialogue tag. 

Plots. I struggle sometimes coming up with exciting twists and turns that build a story, especially in the middle.

These are only the things I can think of now … but I know there are more areas I could improve in!

Things I’d Like To Try

A light fantasy that’s set in a non-magical, made-up country or world—I get to build the history and the cultures, but I don’t have to worry about making up new physical laws or anything like that. This would also include battles, sword fights, and martial arts fights … other things I want to try!

A straight mystery. I loved Nancy Drew stories growing up, and other detective mysteries are so enthralling as well … I’m not sure I’m smart enough to be a mystery writer, but it sure would be fun to attempt!

Travel writing. I love nature and scenery and the uncharted feels of new places … almost every place on this beautiful earth (or above it!) makes me feel something unique, and I love exploring how emotions and scenery and memories all weave together to make powerful, life-changing and life-enhancing impressions.

Children’s stories for and about homeschoolers.
Growing up, I thought books with homeschooling protagonists were some of the best reads … I want to give that to homeschoolers of a new generation, so they know their lives and experiences are cool and worth reading about.

A story that takes place in Israel.
I have an idea, but it would require travel and lots of research to do it to my satisfaction.

Historical fiction—in any and all settings! I’m interested in so many … I’ve worked in the Regency England world and the American Great Depression, but there are others that catch my eye: the late Middle Ages, the Dark Ages, the Victorian era, the Edwardian era, the Georgian era, the Reformation … *deep breath* I suppose I just need to take them one at a time. 

So, yes, this is my bucket list. Items may drop off it, and others might get added on, but for now these are the most important to me!

Consider yourself tagged if you’d like to do this! Or, if you prefer, answer the questions in the comments. I’d love to hear what’s on your authorly bucket list!


  1. Oh, wow!!! You have a lot of wants, Kelsey!!! ;-) Must be one of the reasons we get along so well!!! :-)

    I think I'll have to do this! Sounds like fun!


    1. Yes, must be! Our interests are wide. : )
      Yes, yes, yes! Please do this! It will be sooo fun to read your lists.
      Thanks for stopping by!