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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Summer Fun Begins

Today will feature a short post because … I am not currently at home, but visiting friends in South Dakota—Laura Ingalls Wilder country. So, what have I been up to on my visit? Well, it’s really only begun, but so far I’ve seen a very nice firework display on July Fourth (and I don’t always get to!) and eaten mulberries fresh off of mulberry trees as well as picked several pints so that we could eat them whenever we wanted (they’re quite good in vanilla ice cream). I’ve also seen a movie called From Prada to Nada, a modern retelling of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility set in modern-day Los Angeles. It wasn’t outstanding, but it was a clever rendition of one of my favorite stories. I haven’t seen or read any other retellings, so it gave me food for thought.

Next week I will be a counselor at a summer Bible camp, so my next post will be in two weeks, and I’ll hopefully get to share about some of the other interesting things we did!

To close, in case you want to view more of the videos I’m making for the Homeschool Authors Read-to-Win program, here is the link to the latest: Our Best Writing Advice. And be sure to check out the eBook of the week!

How has your summer been going?

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