How precious are Your thoughts to me, O LORD ... how vast is the sum of them!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Charades, Pt. 2

Sweetheart. That’s the answer to the charade in Part 1. And here is its accompanying picture:
Not very clear, but you get the visual.

And now for the others! We picked one word and each wrote a charade for it. Here is Laura’s:

Under a tree in a meadow

The sun is warm and breezes soft

My first reposes with light’s glow

And dwells with time, returning oft.

The second, in state of thinking deep,

I place myself beside another.

It comes to me in wake or sleep,

And of my life, becomes the author.

With both ideas joined, I find,

The desires of my heart come true.

While, though only certain in my mind,

My thoughts are never far from you.

And here’s mine:

My first is marked by the orbs of the sky

As they run in their appointed course.

My second is a flight of the mind;

Fanciful, but true life is its source.

My whole is a lovely painting

Of what I wish life could be;

A series of thoughts containing

Only two things, my love - you and me.

Can you guess the answer?

We each wrote a charade for our third word as well. Laura’s:

Sweet to taste, flavors baking;

Nature’s product -- Bees provide.

Bright at night, with shadows making;

Guiding many, over time.

Together both, their meanings find

A New Appointment -- joined by vow;

Two lovers’ wish, and of one mind

Will seek a time, together, now.

And mine:

Dripping sweetness, a small flower’s gift,

Can, by the light of the midnight king,

Tint all the world gold.

The colors of life begin this shift

‘Round when two lovers are promising

To have and to hold.

What do you think the answer to this pair of charades is?

At the back of our book, which we put together in a way where we could easily add more pages, we have an “answer key”:

The answers to each charade are within the hearts.

This Regency-inspired project of ours foreshadowed the idea to co-write a Regency novel, which broadsided us less than a year after we finished the Love Riddles book! And we’ve been busy ever since ….


  1. You must have a very clever mind to think up these riddles! I've never even tried to do that and I think I'd be a flop if I did try. :P

    1. Thank you Sarah ... writing poetry & riddles does not come naturally to me, so I have to think very hard and am always self-conscious about the results. : )