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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

When I Read, I Dream

Books and dolls make a lovely pairing, in my opinion at least. Have you ever heard of the “When I Read, I Dream” series by Mattel? I received this set of four dolls inspired by four heroines of children’s literature when I was ten or eleven or so, and I’ve treasured them ever since. I pulled them out of my closet for a photoshoot to share on my blog today.





I would have enjoyed it if they had produced more girls for the series ….They could have made Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz (Barbie did one for the movie); Alice from Alice in Wonderland; Laura from Little House on the Prairie; Rebecca from Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm; Sara from A Little Princess; Mary from The Secret Garden; Wendy from Peter Pan … my list goes on! (Perhaps it was best that they stopped, for my bedroom’s sake.)

What about you? Do you have any dolls or other figurines inspired by literature?