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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Because My Thoughts Are Too Scattered

Yes, as I was saying, because my thoughts are too scattered among this, that, and the other thing (mainly because I have been well behaved and have been concentrating on my WIP), this is another one of those “what’s up” posts that hopefully will contain a couple of interesting tidbits for you.

  • This is the link to my Read-to-Win video answering the question, “What is your favorite genre?” and this is the link to this week’s video, where I show a talent I have besides writing … if you have ever wanted to see me perform a martial arts form, it’s in this video. (I loved the other authors’ talents so far and can’t wait to see the others!)
  • This Saturday stay tuned for a special announcement!
  • For any writer going through a season of silence, this article by Sarah Clarkson beautifully expresses the emotions involved and why it turns out to be a good thing. 

  • Lastly, have any of you ever read Wilkie Collins’s The Moonstone? I just finished it today. It’s one of those long, complex Victorian novels I love to immerse myself in … but this one is also judiciously mixed with the detective novel genre (it’s been called the earliest detective novel, though Wilkie Collins had no intention of fathering a new genre). “Civilized” Victorian society is haunted by the romance of India in this intricately webbed novel that will keep you guessing till the very end! (Provided you haven’t seen the movie first.)


  1. I haven't read The Moonstone, but it sounds intriguing! :-) Will have to add to my TBR list. Good work on keeping focused on your WIP, too!

    1. If you like classics and mysteries, The Moonstone is a book you should love! : )
      Thank you! Progress on my WIP makes me very happy. I need to be even more disciplined ...
      Thank you for dropping by!

  2. Good for you for being well-behaved and writing! ;)

    Ooh, a special announcement? Allow me to get very very excited and wait on the edge of my seat till Saturday! :O

    Wow, that was fascinating to watch the martial arts form! AAHH! So very very cool! Thanks for sharing! :D

    Huh, I haven't heard about The Moonstone--sounds interesting! I may have to look it up...

    I love what's-up sort of posts. ^_^

    1. Thank you! : )
      And I can't wait for the announcement ... you'll love it!
      You're welcome---I'm glad you enjoyed watching the form! Thank you!
      Glad you liked the post---thanks for your reading loyalty and for your comment. <3 <3 <3

  3. I am currently reading Tolstoy's "Anna Kerenina" and Austen's "The Watsons." While I prefer Tolstoy, Austen is great too. Although, she is harder to read. The complexities of her literature astounds me sometimes. I have not yet read or heard of the title "Moonstone" prior to your writing, but it does appear intriguingly dark and stylish. I hope you'll write soon, Mrs. Bryant

    1. Thank you for commenting, Nicholas! "Anna Karenina" has been on my list for a while. I think I will really like Tolstoy. "The Watsons" is interesting because it's such a small tidbit but promises much. If you like classic fiction, I highly recommend "The Moonstone"!