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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Beautiful People: Valentine Edition

Even though I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, the opportunity to delve into my first romantic couple was too enticing to pass up with this edition of Beautiful People. Check out the blogs at Paper Fury or Further Up and Further In to learn more!

Up until last year, I wouldn’t have had a couple to use for this questionnaire. But since my 1930s retelling of Sense and Sensibility, obviously I have one now. Two, in fact, but I’ll focus on my favorite: Ellen Dashiell (aka Elinor Dashwood) and Everett Shepherd (aka Edward Ferrars).

1. How did they first meet?
They met in Ellen’s cousin’s living room. It was totally unexpected on everyone’s parts, including the cousin’s, because Ellen was late and Everett was early. It might as well have happened then, though, because two days later they turned into coworkers when Everett became the accountant at the business where Ellen was a secretary.

2. What were their first impressions of each other?
Ellen noticed Everett was shy, at least around girls. She thought he had a pleasant, endearing look about him, and she felt he needed friendly drawing-out. Everett thought Ellen was strikingly pretty, poised and confident, though quiet, which he especially appreciated. Overbearing girls make him want to disappear.

3. How long have they been a couple?
Well, they’re not really an official couple yet…

4. How committed/loyal are they to each other? Would they break up over a secret or a disagreement? Could stress drive them apart? Would they die for each other?
A certain secret makes it impossible for them to be together. But if that issue were swept away, they would be united for life—even into death. They would die for each other.

5. List 5 “food quirks” they know about each other. (Ex: how they take their coffee, if they’re allergic to something, etc….and feel free to mention other non-food quirks!)
1) Ellen knows Everett can’t make a decent sandwich to save his life.
2) They both choose apple cider over coffee and hot chocolate (can you believe someone would do that? Actually, they’re people after my own heart there).
3) When Ellen works, she always eats lunch at her desk.
4) They each know the other is cold-natured (they noticed almost as soon as they first met, because neither of them are ever quick to doff their coats or gloves in winter).
5) Everett gets absorbed in numbers; Ellen gets absorbed in typing.

6. Does anyone disapprove of their relationship?
No one really except Leona Bingham (aka Lucy Steele). If you know Sense and Sensibility’s plot, you know why.

7. What would be an ideal date?
Although they like working in an office well enough, they love getting out into nature. So a day trip out to Turkey Foot Lake or some other nearby natural spot would be absolutely idyllic to them.

8. What are their personality dynamics? Similar? Contrasting? Do they fight a lot or mesh perfectly?
They’re pretty similar as far as couples go. Both are quiet, though Ellen is more outgoing. Both are neat and orderly. They understand each other very well, often without speaking, so arguments are rare.

9. What have been their best and worst moments together as a couple?
If I answer this question, won’t it give away their story? :) Their best and worst moments as a couple are at the heart of Suit and Suitability.

10. Where do they see themselves and their relationship in the next few years?
At this point, they aren’t sure. They think they want to marry, but the obstacles seem insurmountable.

All in all, Ellen and Everett are rather sedate as a couple—nothing flamboyant or unpredictable, thank you. They love peace and quiet and work and structure, and being there for their friends. We need more people like them in this world!


  1. "Overbearing girls make him want to disappear." I love this! :D

    Apple cider is wonderful, yes, especially steaming on a cold day! (Though I love a good hot chocolate too! But I kind of love anything with chocolate...)

    Yes, they sound like a quite sweet, quiet couple, of which the world needs more!

    Aww, I loved this post! ^_^ Getting a glimpse at Ellen and Everett makes me really want to read their story -- even more!! :) This was lovely! I always enjoy getting "behind the scenes" and hearing about characters and things! Their relationship sounds fantastic and I can't wait to read Suit and Suitability! :D

    1. Thank you! Your comments are delightful. I'll be sure to pass them on to Ellen and Everett. If I tell them in private, they won't get too embarrassed. ;)

      Lord willing, we will start S&S soon...I'm hoping it will be ready by the time we're finished reading the Regency novel. :D

      Thanks again!