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Monday, May 8, 2017

Second Impressions (The Vintage Jane Austen)

The past several weeks have been eventful for the Vintage Jane Austen project that I’m a part of. Later I have a special announcement about my own book, but the spotlight today is on Second Impressions: A Collection of Fiction Inspired by Jane Austen.

Jane Austen's stories have inspired writers for this collection they inspire fiction across the genres!
From the English Regency to the American 1950s, in Houston or a space freighter, fairytale land or a retirement center...Austen's timeless characters come to life again.

Featuring: Chocolate Surprise - Gently Pursued, Finally Persuaded - The Secret of Pemberley Estate - Emma's Irritation - Mother's Day - The Mansfield - Elaina - Peace in the Orchard - Maid in Houston.

I was privileged to help Hannah Scheele, editor and cover designer, behind the scenes on this book by copyediting the stories and formatting the paperback edition. Let me tell you, this is a fun and interesting collection of short stories! I am fascinated by how the authors were able to take all sorts of directions with Jane Austen’s beloved novels. Read my review on Goodreads for more of my thoughts. Check out the book on here.

Read the next post for a special feature about the talented authors of this anthology!

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