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Friday, November 9, 2012

Adventure in England

This post was scheduled for exactly the right time, right down to the day! For - I have finished the first draft. I can now write this synopsis while knowing the full story, from its first to last line, because I just typed that decisive, hopefully powerful ending line late last night.

Adventure in England (working title), like all sequels, was born out of Six Cousins. It’s June, 2008, three months after the family reunion. The six cousins return, with cameo appearances by some of their family; but the bulk of the story takes place in England on a private tour with their grandparents’ friends the Endicotts, who live in Madgwick, England, a village in Berkshire not far from London.

Gregory and Yvonne Endicott have a granddaughter named Paris, who is thoroughly American. She visits every summer, and so is there when the six cousins arrive. Each family, the Endicotts and the cousins, is thoroughly delighted with the other, though it soon becomes obvious there could be more harmony within either family.

A trip to England is Marielle’s dream, so she’s determined to let nothing ruin it for her, even her own insecurities at being away from home. Some of her England adventures are more wonderful than she’s imagined, while others are downright disturbing, especially when Paris is involved. Paris is a special person, but then Marielle learns something about her that makes her wonder if Paris’s future is at stake. Can Marielle overcome her own difficulties and actually make a difference in her new friend’s life?

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