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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Library Sale!

Well, my next post was going to be about my novels, but then came Friday - and our local library's fundraising sale. I just had to write about that. Throughout the year, donated used books are collected and over the course of four days in November area booklovers comb the tables for treasures that had been other people's cast-offs. It's a highlight of my year because I'm sure to find something wonderful. Not only are the books cheap, there are some there that one can't find anywhere else.
Here is a list of the books that are now safely within my book-loving home:
  • I Spy - Super Challenger! - I'll never grow out of these beautiful, fascinating books. I have a whole collection of them but this was one that I was missing!
  • Tirzah - by Lucille Travis. "Tirzah and her family are slaves in Egypt. ... If only Tirzah's people could escape. If only Moses could persuade Pharaoh to let them go. ..." (from the back cover) This is a story of the Exodus from Egypt. I saw it years ago in a children's book catalog and had always wanted to read it!
  • Tristan and Iseult - by Rosemary Sutcliff. I've been intrigued by this Celtic legend for quite some time, and what better storyteller to retell it than Rosemary Sutcliff?  
  • The Story of the Jewish People - by Gilbert and Libby Klaperman. This is an old, three-volume set for children about the course of worldwide Jewish history from Bible times on.
  • Sand and Stars - The Jewish Journey Through Time - by Yaffa Ganz. Another history book on God's chosen people beyond Bible times. (I find my knowledge of Jewish history sadly lacking, so these books will remedy that!)
  • The Kings and Queens of England - A Tourist Guide - by Jane Murray. I've always wanted a fun-to-read yet detailed book that can help me memorize the whole line of British monarchs.
  • European Civilization - by Ferguson and Bruun. This is a two-volume set on the entire span of European history. We already had the first one, and I'd read that, but I was pleased to find a matching set and am anticipating reading volume two.
My mom picked up some treasures of her own, and so in total we bought 15 books for $23. A bill only a library sale could allow!
I brought home only two fiction books, which is very unusual for me. I'm actually relieved about that, because I already own a ton that need reading. :-)
Does anyone want to take a guess at what book I'll read cover-to-cover first? (I admit I don't know myself, yet!)
Do you have any neat stories about buying second-hand books? I think it's more fun than buying new!


  1. Such a fun sale ... enjoyed seeing you there too. :)

    We got 9 hardcover books and 6 CDs for $21. We were very happy with that! The book of English kings sounds so interesting. I'll mention it to Hannah. She loves British history.

  2. It sounds like you made out very well, too! I didn't think to look in the CD section.
    I think the book on English kings is the one I'm excited about most at the moment ... : )
    Thanks for commenting!

  3. I'm waxing quite eloquent
    In rhyme, I should say
    I hope you enjoy
    What I'm sending your way

    I love used books
    Because (you should know)
    Someone else loved them first
    Then to me did bestow

    I send to my son,
    Avid reader is he,
    I know what he likes
    He's so much like me

    Last gift was on sailing
    The book quite complete
    He'll ne'er find another
    His need so perfectly to meet

    I also take mags
    I don't care how old
    The pics make great collages
    For this artist so bold

    It is true! It is true!
    I have books overdue!
    I love them so much
    I hate to let go
    But the fines really big now
    And to pay it I'm slow
    But pay it I must
    Or my bank they will bust
    See you later, my friend,
    library's calling, again.

  4. Oh my, Marsha, you are wonderful at poetry! How long did it take you to write this? I surely enjoyed reading it.
    I love finding the perfect used book for exactly what I need - and it's so fun when I can find something for someone else! It's a treasure hunt.
    You like making collages? So do I! I make cards more often, and magazine pics can be great for that, too.
    Thanks for commenting!